Lamb, the Healthier Red Meat

Chef Osama

Lamb for years has been a staple diet in the Middle East, with its many benefits including its wool. Lamb is a great source for many nutrients and this will guide you with some of them:

·      Lamb is a good source of high quality protein and supplies the body with 60.3% of the daily requirement for protein.

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Adding a little spice:

Being a recent college graduate, living at home as a bachelor can be sometimes is a bit boring, and I could be looking for something to spice things up a little, in the kitchen that is. Eating home cooked food is a rarity as a bachelor but when I do I hope to create something as close to a masterpiece as possible. If I were to go grocery shopping once a week and decide to pick a new dish to make every week that I have not attempted before, that would be 52 new dishes to create in a year. Expanding my horizons to new cuisines and flavors, from biryani one week and lasagna the next, now a day all you need is the internet to find a new recipe and your local grocery store. It is not just healthier cooking for yourself but also a way to travel from the convenience of your kitchen, not to mention a lot less expensive. Creating a new dish every week can also cause a stir amongst close ones, you will be finding yourself opening a small restaurant accommodati



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