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El Sage Associates has been serving international clientele since 1988. The company was created to promote the culinary talents of its founder and president, Osama El-Sayed, CEC. To date, the El Sage Associates label is best known for the production of Arabic language television cooking shows, the publication Chef Osama's cookbooks, and providing professional culinary consulting services to the food and hospitality industries. To date the company has been engaged in the following activities: Culinary Consultation Providing assistance to restaurants and supermarkets in developing and testing recipes. Assisting food service companies in creating recipes and maximizing product use in targeted markets. Recipe development and analysis. Catering Publishing Brand Spokesmanship Promotion and Advertising (print, web and mobile) Production of television shows Radio show production Multiple television productions have been produced by El Sage Associates - shows for ANA, MBC, Egyptian TV, The Arabic Channel in New York, Dubai Television and Tamima TV in Egypt - to name some. Radio segments have also been produced for ANA Radio US, and guest appearances for Voice of America, cooking series for Egyptian Radio and weekly segments for Radio 4 in Sudan. If you are interested to know more about these services, please contact us.


"Sweets of Arabia"
Unlike many parts of the world, where a good dessert is the natural conclusion to a good meal, Arabian desserts are treats that are meant to stand alone. I often enjoy them in the mid-afternoon with a small cup of fresh mint tea, and have built some of my fondest memories from just such occasions. In Arabic countries, sweets are often purchased in small neighborhood pastry shops. There are few greater pleasures than to create traditional Arabian desserts in your own kitchen just as you might find them in your favorite sweet shop.
Most of the ingredients used in these recipes are readily available in supermarkets. Some of the more traditional Arabian ingredients — such as Konafa (shredded pastry), Qeshta (clotted cream), and rose petal jam — can be found in Middle Eastern markets or online. Clarified butter and sugar syrup are particularly essential to the crisp texture and rich flavor in many Arabian sweets, and should not be substituted or used sparingly. For the best results in all recipes, use only the best quality ingredients you can find.
In the following pages, I share many of the secrets I have learned in making Arabian pastries through the years. I embrace many of the traditional characteristics of these sweets, and add some new twists to old classics. Most importantly, I don’t skimp when it comes to ingredients. These sweets are apologetically rich and aromatic. They are meant to be savored in small quantities where every little bite bursts with dense, sweet flavor. Each cookie, cake, and confection included here provides a simple pleasure sure to rest in your memory for years to come More than 70 Recipes with photos and step-by-step illustrations.
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Maa Osama Atyab

Maa Osama… Atyab puts a spotlight on the basic essentials of food, which is what people eat? Years after the first publication of Bil Hanna Wa Shiffa comes Maa Osama… Atyab (It’s More Delicious with Osama). Ideal for people who love cooking, the book teaches many secrets in preparing a tasty meal, from presentation to please the eyes to techniques in unfolding the spicy aroma of Middle Eastern cooking. Easy step-by-step methods, with useful tips, and a glossary of terms, Maa Osama… Atyab is definitely not just a cookbook. It’s a reference to all Middle Eastern cooking simplified to any food enthusiast’s reading. To get this book, just click here


Bil Hanna Wa Shiffa

Chef Osama El-Sayed’s first cookbook that is now appearing on book shelves in Arabic speaking communities around the world. Inspired by the requests of many of the more than 40 million viewers of his global television and print audience, Chef Osama’s debut publication bares the same name as his popular cooking show, Bil Hanna Wa Shiffa, or With Joy and Good Health. From cover to the last colorful page, Chef Osama presents the ingredients and methods in simple, easy to follow text and page layout. Whether a seasoned cook or just a beginner in the kitchen, Bil Hanna Wa Shiffa will certainly become every reader’s primary reference. Each recipe is presented in a format that includes an appetizing, full-color, photograph illustrating a serving suggestion. Meal planning and menu suggestions feature traditional dishes along with Chef Osama’s personal recipes. Holiday favorites for Ramadan, Holy feasts including Christmas are featured as well.To get this book now, just click here
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